Game Developer - HTML5 (Philippines)

Posted 08 Jul 2019

Spiralworks Technologies, Inc

International (Information Technology (IT))

  • At least 3 extensive years of experience in the related field
  • Awesome skills in Flash development (CPU / memory optimization, Javascript / Flash bridging, Cross-browser compatibility, Flex, AIR)
  • In-depth knowledge of ActionScript3, XML, MXML, CSS, Eclipse / Flex Builder/ FDT, SVN, Design Patterns including MVC
  • Experience in the development of Flash Applications with heavy server communication (Remoting, Sockets, JSON)
  • Experience with Dependency Injection frameworks (Parsley, Robotlegs)
  • Facebook ActionScript API, Experience in Low-Level (bytes level) development
  • Community awareness with new technologies, frameworks, resources, and open source libraries
  • Eye for detail, performance, and optimization
  • Full-time position available  Open to Expatriate


Around 170+ employees on the floor with 60:40 population. 60% are Filipinos, 40% are combination of different nationalities such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean, Taiwanese, etc.
Free hotel/accommodation, visa processing and ticket

How to Apply

Please send an email to [email protected] and attach a copy of your CV