Game Resource Analyst 游戏搜寻分析

Posted 09 Jul 2019 Inc.

International (Accounting)

Jobs Description 工作内容:

  1. Risk control and management 風險控制與管理
  2. Focus on online games, keep track of the game information at any time 關注線上遊戲, 隨時拿握各比賽資訊
  3. Event analysis, evaluation, settlement 赛事分析、评估、结算
  4. Have a good understanding of e-sports games and have solid practical experience 對電競遊戲充分了解,有扎實的實戰經驗
  5. Study the e-sports situation and the development trend 硏究電競形勢和遊戲行業發展趨勢
  6. Basic analytical skills and independent judgment 有基本分析能力、獨立判断力
  7. Market analysis and strategic support for the business 市埸分析並對業務提出策略支持

Benefits 福利:

  1. 13th Month Bonus 13薪
  2. Meal Allowance 餐补
  3. Staff Hostel Provided 外地员工提供宿舍(一般3人一间房间)
  4. In House Training Provided 內部專業培訓
  5. Departmental Gathering * 不定时部門聚餐或活動
  6. Company Trip 公司不定期举办旅游活动
  7. Yearly Promotional Exam 每年晉級評核,提供透明的升遷制度與公正的績效考核


Age 年龄:33 and below 33或以下
Exeperience 经验:None 无要求

Requirements 要求:
1. Able to comminucate in English and Mandarin is a must 基本英文,中文
2. Execellent Mathematical Skills 数学佳
3. Responsible 有责任感
4. Interested in basketball sports 对篮球有兴趣
5. Familiar with at lest two e-sports game 最少需要熟悉2项电竞游戏

How to Apply

Send resume to [email protected]