Market Reseacher - FMCG Market

Posted 23 Jul 2019

Eolas International

Ha Noi (Marketing / Public Relations)

JOB TYPE: Quarterly (part-time)

PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Conduct On-shelf Product Packaging analysis on behalf of Multinational Client on a part-time basis.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The successful candidate will become familiar with a global set of product standards which will allow them to rate each product for different criteria. Data is collected on data collection forms and must be then entered accurately into an online portal to maintain a high level of accuracy where it is fed back to our company for verification. Certain products must be purchased, photographed. Up to 8 products can be rated in each store. For each product we will rate up to 30 different units.

We require a trustworthy and hardworking person, who is willing to be trained to perform product ratings to a standard that has gained Eolas International an excellent reputation in this field. The candidate would need to be settled long-term in the location and be able give a certain commitment to remain with Eolas for some time.

A 30 day window will be provided to complete this work. This is a set window and will not be negotiable. This is a part-time contractual role. The role involves work once a quarter, within a 4 week window. Audit of products in supermarkets can take up to 1 hours per store.

Expected hours of work can vary between 5-10 hours depending on region.

Extensive online training will be provided prior to initiation.

Certain people that this job may suit: o House wife/husband o Retiree o Part-time worker o Students o Person with flexi-time job

JOB SKILLS: No experience required, training provided. The candidate must have good written and spoken English, as well as local dialect. The candidate must possess good communication skills, both by email and phone. Candidate must have good attention to detail Broadband and PC/Laptop. (Field researcher responsible for this) Must have access to a car The candidate must be IT competent Must be living in region long term