Sample Room Technician/Supervisor

Posted 05 Apr 2018

Cheongtai International Holdings Ltd

Ho Chi Minh (Manufacturing)

Sample Room Technician / Supervisor

Sampling of garments is given great emphasis. It determines the future orders from buyers and fetches business for a garment manufacturing for the company . Sampling is one of key elements of the pre-production processes in a garment industry.

The sample technician is responsible for creating in-house samples and mock-ups to aid the technical design teams in meeting cut deadlines, solving production issues, and engineering new blocks for development. The sample technician works closely with the technical design and sourcing teams to ensure that each garment is produced with the highest possible quality

The right Candidate must have minimum 5 years’ experience in manufacturing process
and able to execute the following :-

Pattern making and grading knowledge: Make patterns on pattern paper based on style specification sheet. Where factory has computer aided design (CAD) systems, a technician, draft manual pattern into CAD system, develop patterns on computer.

Pattern grading: Grading is making patterns from one size to another size by increasing and decreasing measurements in certain points of the patterns.

Sample development: Garment technician helps designers and sampling merchants in developing development samples.

Garment FIT checking and correction of patterns: Most important task of a technician is to make patterns in such a way that it fit to model body or dress form. A technician knows where problem lies if a garment does not fit to a dress form and corrects the pattern accordingly.

Incorporate buyer’s comments on samples: Sometimes buyer changes measurement specification and add comments on the sample and forward changes to supplier. All changes in pattern are done by technical department. Take care of product design and make it production friendly Sometimes designer who designs sample for bulk order, don't consider construction points related to production. On that situation, technician should take care of those critical points to make sample production friendly.

Fabric consumption calculation and Marker planning knowledge is a must. Technical department estimate average fabric consumption of the samples needs to be verified. Must be able to check shrinkage on the marker for washed garments . Where factory does not have CAD system for marker planning, cutting master makes marker manually. Technical department helps cutting master better marker planning. That saves fabric and time.

How to Apply

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