HR and Admin Executive (VN)

Job description

Who are we looking for:

We are looking for an Administrative Executive superstar with a passion for office administration excellence. You are kind and positive. You have a meticulous attention to detail and love to keep things in order. You love to organise and keep a purposeful structure in all you do.

Your current mood:

You have spent the past 3-5 years in slow and bureaucratic workplace. You find it stifling and you are starting to feel that you can contribute more. You want to make an impact at work and make a dent in the universe. You want to be in a dynamic, fun, and energetic environment. You feel that you have talents in abundance but they are not recognised. You want to step up to the plate now. You want to bat for home run and help build up the office administration of a fast growing company - Hubble. 

What you will be doing:

You will be in charge of the overall administration work at Hubble. This will be an exciting role as you will depart from just the convention office administrative work - such as HR and Finance. We will give you exposure to client side administrative work whereby you will work with our Key Account Managers and Business Development Managers to help support client success. You will be given exposure to learn more about the business side of things and also client side exposure. 

  • Overall in charge of all HR/Finance/Business Support administrative matters and to provide day-to-day clerical and office administrative support to the team 

  • Exposure to client side administrative work such as supporting sales, and key accounts department in updating CRM software, client account set ups, invoicing, scheduling, preparation of meetings, and other business administrative work as required

What Hubble will give you:

Hubble is built by a team of talented, driven, and ambitious individuals. We do not subscribe to conventions. We do not let history and traditions dictate and limit our dreams to shape the world. We adopt the same mindset with our hiring. We are looking for the best and we want to bet on you. In this position, we will give you all the exposure and resources you need to grow into the role of Administrative Executive. If you mindset is right, we promise you the ride of your life.

Who will you be working with:

If you connect with any of the description below, please apply immediately:

  • Purpose driven

  • Hungry, ambitions, and self-motivated

  • Meritocratic, results/performance > age/bureaucracy

  • Resourceful, independent, chart our own destiny

  • Determined, perseverance, and hard working

  • Creative, innovative, out of the box

Yes, the above is everyone of us at Hubble.

About Hubble: 

Hubble is a leading technology company focusing on construction and engineering industry. We are on a mission to build the world’s first autonomous construction sites by automating and trading the 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Money) resources.

Our solutions help digitise all your work processes, and connect all key project stakeholders - developers, consultants, fabricators, contractors, and facility managers - onto an all-in-one platform - The Hubble Platform.

Build faster and cheaper and with the highest quality and safety standards with Hubble’s impactful technologies. Let’s transform the way we build our cities for a better tomorrow. Today. Together. For generations to come.

Visit us at to learn more for #bettercitiesoftomorrow